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Terms & Conditions 

The terms will form a legally binding agreement between you and I so please make sure you are happy with them. If you have any queries or concerns, just contact me! About Little Yoga Warriors I am a pre and post-natal Yoga Instructor, Kids Yoga Instructor and Baby Massage Practitioner. All of my classes are operated by me! My classes are held in Medway, Kent. 
About you 
Our classes are primarily aimed at Mums but I love it when Dads, Grandparents and siblings join in too! To ensure you can participate in the classes safely, please ensure: If you are currently pregnant, you should follow the advice of your health professional regarding undertaking exercise during pregnancy. After birth, you can generally take part in classes once you have had your 6+ week postnatal check (or between 6 and 12 weeks post-natal if you had a C section). Again, please follow the advice of your health professional. For baby Massage please ensure your baby has had their 6+ week health check. 
Health & Safety
Little Yoga Warriors aim to provide a safe environment. However in the class parents and carers are responsible for the safety of their child throughout the course. 
So that both you and I are clear as to how things will work, you need to read and accept these terms and conditions and complete the booking form before I can accept your booking. Please do make sure that you have confirmed your acceptance in good time prior to your first class, as I cannot secure your place until I have received this confirmation. If you forget to confirm, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to take part in the class. However, if you do attend and I allow you to participate these terms will apply. 
Class availability
Class times and locations can be found on my website. These can change from time to time so we encourage you to always check the times and locations of classes before booking a course. If there is no space on the class you wish to book a course for, I will put you on the waiting list for that class and get in touch with you to see if there is an alternative course available for you in the meantime. I reserve the right to permanently move the time and/or location of a class on reasonable notice to you, in which case you will receive an email with your new class time and/or location. If you are unable to make the new class time or location, you must inform me as soon as possible. We will then discuss with you your ability to move to a different group or we can arrange a refund. If you cannot attend a class If you miss a class without having agreed this with us in advance, please contact me as soon as possible as you might be able to join another class on a different day (but this will always be at our discretion and subject to availability). Unfortunately I cannot allow you to roll-over classes at the end of your course or offer any refund for classes which you miss. 
Twins and Siblings
If you wish to bring more than one child with you to our class. If you do want to bring an extra child who you didn’t mention when you initially booked, all you need to do is let me know: Their name, Their age and any other special requirements you feel I should know about. Please note that the standard fee covers the cost of you and one child (Twins incur no additional charge) to attend the classes within the course. There may be a small additional fee for bringing older siblings .This will be between £1.50 and £3 – you can pay this in cash at the end of the class to me. How to pay. All fees must be paid in full by you ahead of the first class in the course. If you turn up to a class you have not yet paid for, please be aware that you may be turned away. Late payment may result in your booking being cancelled. 
Fees for the classes are set out on enquiry and confirmed to you when you make a booking. I might change my fees from time to time, but this will not affect any course you have already booked. 
Terms & conditions Cancellations
When you book a course/ workshop, you are committing to the whole course or session date, and I am unfortunately unable to accept any cancellation of your booking. This is because you are reserving a space which could have been offered to another family and I may not be able to fill that space if you decide to cancel. Before placing your booking please do check that you will be able to attend the whole course. I will do my best to avoid cancelling classes, but if we do have to cancel any class I will give you the choice between moving to another class on a different day (subject to availability) or receiving a gift voucher for the cancelled class. If classes need to be cancelled due to out of control factors (pandemic e.g. covid-19 or weather conditions) Sessions will move to an online platform or you can transfer you place to the next available in person course. Refunds will not be given.
Photographs/ Video
Photographs will only be taken of you and your baby if you have given permission on the booking form. Any photographs taken in the classes will be used for advertising and marketing purposes only. Parents are permitted to take photographs of their child but only their child during classes unless permission is given by the other attendees. Photographs or small videos taken at class must be for personal use only. Full length videos are not permitted under any circumstances. Attendees are invited to join the private FaceBook page where photographs may be posted (Little Yoga Warriors Tribe) Little Yoga Warriors forbids the right to reproduce any part of my lessons in any form (e.g. on the internet, DVDs, photographs etc) 
Covid - 19 Policy 
During this time when social contact is being limited due to the Covid-19, Little Yoga Warriors is committed to keeping you safe. When attending any face-to-face classes or courses, our Covid-19 Secure policy incorporates the most up to date guidance from the UK’s official Public Health guidance. Whether it’s a private class at your home, a class for children in a school or a class for adults and children at a venue or secure outside space, risk assessments will be made for each, individual session, I am working closely with venue operators to ensure that all standards will be met in terms of hygiene and social distancing measures. I have taken into consideration every detail, including (but not limited to): Entrance routes, Open windows and ventilation, Social distancing (for adults) With Children I ask all parents take a pragmatic approach, Equipment sterilisation, Required hand washing for all, Hand gel readily available. You can rest assured that at my classes, your safety has been made my highest priority. As an attendee it is your responsibility to make me aware of the following: If you, your child or a member of your family becomes unwell with a new, persistent cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell (anosmia), You should follow the If after attending any of our in-person classes you experience COVID-19-like symptoms or are diagnosed as having contracted COVID-19 you will let me know at or 07917842780. 
Health and safety 
Your health and safety is important to me and I will run through safety instructions at the beginning of the class. The course booking form you will complete before your first class, you must read carefully so that you understand the risks and benefits involved in taking part in the classes. If you do have any concerns at all, please raise them with me as I may be able to suggest adaptations which can help. You should only sign the form and take part in the classes if you are comfortable that any concerns have been resolved to your satisfaction. You know your body and your child better than anyone else so please make sure you listen to both during the class. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear to each class appropriate for exercise and remove any loose items such as jewellery. (Applicable only for Yoga classes) Others’ health and safety Your child’s health and safety is also important to me and I will always be on hand to help. We just ask that you ensure: You never leave your child alone during the class. You always remain responsible for the care and safety of your child during the class. Equipment you are using in class does not obstruct/ harm you/your child or any other parents/children, You keep any children’s toys next to you during the class. On the occasion that food and hot/cold drink is in the studio, you are responsible to ensure any spillages/ mess is cleaned/disposed of. All hot drinks must have lids and be kept out of all babies/ children's reach. If your child is active ensure that food and drink is kept at a safe distance and is not at risk of endangering you/your child or anyone else in the vicinity. You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for the health and safety of the children you bring with you to each class.  
Your personal information 
Protecting your and your little one’s personal information is vital to me, and I comply with all applicable law. I will use the personal information you provide to me to help you get the most out of your classes, provide you with the necessary support and process your payment for your booking. I will only give your personal information to third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do so. My responsibility I am not responsible to you for any loss or damage which we could not have reasonably foreseen, or for any loss or damage which is a result of you failing to comply with these terms. As explained above and in the booking form, despite the care that I take in running my classes there are inevitably risks associated with taking part in any physical activity of this nature. I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that you suffer whilst participating in our classes unless you can show that this was as a result of a lack of care or other wrongdoing on my part. The venues that I use for our classes are not necessarily used exclusively by me, so I can’t guarantee the security of any property that you bring to the class with you. Please make sure that you put it in a safe place and keep any valuables in your possession at all times. Nothing in these terms is intended to limit or exclude any legal rights that you may have, including your right to compensation if I provide a poor service or if you are injured as a result of negligence. Changes to these terms I may update these terms from time to time and we will inform you of any changes via email. Any update will not affect any course you are already booked on, but will take effect if you choose to continue with us after your current course.

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