Teething Workshops


This relaxed and informative workshop will help ease your worries & help tackle babies teething troubles.
Learning and discussing everything teething , PLUS we will be making a teether for baby


Sore gums, rosy cheeks, chewing and dribble? If your baby is teething this workshop may be just what you need.

This 2 hour workshop will be packed full of helpful and informative advice covering:​

  • Holistic and medicinal approaches

  • How Baby Massage/ Reflexology can help

  • Order in which teeth erupt/ average ages

  • Teething Symptoms/ Myths

  • Teething products

  • Things you can do to help your baby with teething discomfort

  • Early dental Hygiene

  • PLUS we will be making a teething toy or necklace for baby! 

Brunch will also be included (please let me know of any allergies)  

PLUS we will be making a teething toy for baby! 

Cost: £25

(Includes: Baby's new teether, a teething information pack & light brunch and refreshments)

Workshops are suitable for babies from 8 weeks...
Your baby does not have to have any teeth to join!

Teething workshops are limited to 6 Mums and Babies.


Workshops are held in a home environment in Darland, Chatham.

  • Contact Jessica

Contact: Jessica       07917842780        littleyogawarriors@hotmail.com