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Baby Massage & Yoga FAQ's

Your questions answered

Baby Massage classes are aimed at babies aged 6 weeks to pre crawling. 

Baby Yoga classes are suitable from 8 weeks postnatal. However a lot of the moves are geared towards babies aged 12 weeks - pre-crawling. Baby Yoga is a  weekly class and is structured as a rolling course, which you can book in blocks of 5 weeks. You can continue to rebook each course for as long as baby is enjoying the classes.

What if I miss a session?

What should I bring with me?

Baby Massage

A familiar blanket for baby. In Baby Massage Everything else including a towel, cushion, and oils are provided. Plus tea & cake at the end of each baby massage session. Refreshments are included every week and even though the class is an hour there is the opportunity to chat and catch up at the end of the hour. 

Baby Yoga

A familiar blanket for baby. Everything else including mats, sensory toys are provided. Even though the sessions are an hour there is the opportunity to chat and catch up at the end of the hour in the onsite cafe.

What if my baby cries?

We don't mind! You may find that your baby cries during part of the massage or yoga class. This is completely normal and does not mean that you are doing something wrong or that your baby does not like what you are doing.  If your baby begins to cry during the course you are the best judge of whether to  continue to join in. Try to identify why your baby is crying by listening to his different cries. If you feel your baby has had enough, try again another day. Remember you are learning together.

Final note

How old does baby need to be?

If you miss a session, don’t worry we repeat everything each week and you can catch up with anything you are unsure of. If you need extra help, just ask your instructor. Remember Classes are about learning about how you can communicate, soothe and connect with your baby. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice later in the course or at home.

I am fully qualified Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor accredited through Blossom and Berry. and fully insured through Westminster Indemnity Insurance.

Please remember the classes are taken at the babies pace, as each class is baby led, there is no pressure on you or your baby and you can tend to your babies needs i.e. feeding, nappy changing and giving cuddles when ever you wish to in the class.

Accreditation and Insurance

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