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Baby & Me Yoga

Spend Some Time nurturing YOU

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Baby Yoga is such a special bonding activity to do with your baby. Giving you some much needed you time with your little one joining in! Postnatal yoga helps you regain your strength and posture. The best benefit of all is that the rush of endorphins and soothing movements which make mum and baby feel happy and relaxed!

Benefits for Baby  
• Promotes tummy time and active play for babies
• Swings & dips help to develop baby’s body awareness, coordination & balance
• The use of songs helps to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and communication between parent/carer & baby.

The main difference compared to baby massage, is that baby yoga stimulates baby’s senses through a variety of different stimulus: movement, touch, songs and stretching.

Benefits for parent/carer
• Aids flexibility 
• Strengthens muscles
• Aligns the spine
• Aids relaxation
• It is non-competitive  


Benefits for both
• Can enhance the bonding process
• The release of oxytocin and endorphins (‘feel good hormones’) in both parent/carer and baby encourages relaxation and wellbeing  

It shares some benefits with baby massage
• Eases digestion as stretches can help relieve colicky pains and wind. The movements in baby yoga complement the movements in baby massage, a combination of both provides the infant’s digestive system with a high degree of support.
• As with baby massage, baby yoga can help to settle babies and improve their sleep patterns
• Reduces crying and emotional distress
• It’s fun!  

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