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My name is Jessica, mum of two, Gwendolyn & John, wife and founder of Little Yoga Warriors.  

I am a fully trained, qualified and insured Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Children's and Pre/Postnatal yoga Instructor based in Medway, Kent, UK.

The Little Yoga Warriors journey so far...

At the end of 2017 I was feeling lost, for the first time in a long time I didn't have a clue which direction my life was going in. Little Yoga Warriors was born New Year's Eve 2017. I was half way through maternity leave with my second child when it dawned on me I needed a new plan... A plan that fit in around my family and a job that made me happy and fulfilled. 

Before embarking on this new adventure I worked in London for 9 years working for a Magazine Company, since graduating in Magazine Publishing and Marketing it was all I had ever wanted to do... until I became a Mum, I wanted a job with a purpose where I felt like I was actually helping and making a difference to others lives. The commute and long days became were no longer worth it I had lost my passion for publishing and wanted to be closer to my children.

I started to brainstorm, what I enjoyed doing? Since 2007 my family and close friends have fund-raised a lot for charity through doing mainly fitness challenges, in 2008 I cycled Lands End to John O Groats in 10 days in 2009 I did a charity Skydive. In 2013 I ran the London Marathon. As well as doing various charity runs in between. So from there I decided I wanted a career away from an office environment that involved helping others particularly mums with a link to fitness, 

Since having children being able to dedicate time to fitness has been tough. I joined a baby yoga class with my daughter when she was 12 weeks old and I loved it, we did it weekly until she was 11 months old and attempting to crawl all over the newborn babies. It was an hour of my week where I felt like my old self without feeling mum guilt as my baby was with me giggling and cooing. I went with "mum friends" who now are friends for life. Baby Yoga was such a lovely bonding experience for my firstborn and I. When i backed to work I missed that time with her. 

When my son was born a year after returning to work. (2 years 1 month after my daughter) I searched for local baby yoga classes and there were none available. I toyed with the idea of training but deemed it too risky until New Years Eve. In January 2018 I enrolled with an amazing training provider Blossom & Berry and have not looked back since. 

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